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Organika Hair’s Essential Pony Up-Do

You asked for more style tutorials – and your wish is our command! This week learn how to style The Essential Updo with Organika Hair Director Lisa Pace. Any of you who may know Lisa will be aware of how fabulous her casual-yet-chic updo styles are. Ready – get set – go – try your hand at this simple, stylish updo.
1. Place your hair in a simple ponytail as high as you possibly can on your head. Smooth sides with brush for a sleek finish.
2: Create texture in your ponytail – either smoothing it or backcombing for volume
3. Braid or plait your hair loosely – here Lisa has finished with a fishtail braid. Run your fingers up and down the braid to create messy texture.
4. Wrap your messy braid or plait around your ponytail, creating any shape you like! Use bobby pins to secure – then make your way out to enjoy compliments from all those you pass by!
Just like magic – a fab updo in only a few simple steps.