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Three Times Merry : Christmas Looks to Celebrate


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… and Organika Hair are here to share some Christmas flair by offering you hairstyles for every Christmas occasion. From cool casual to formal fabulous, we’ll have you standing out from the pack and looking sweeter than a flamin’ Christmas pudding in no time.

pony and plait

  • Relaxed BBQ

Do you find yourself screaming ‘help, help, help’ Christmas morning rather than ‘ho, ho, ho?’ Between the exchanging of gifts and preparing of your signature ‘bring-along’ holiday dish, you’re not left with much time to prep yourself. For a casual and relaxed Christmas setting, make style easy for yourself with the ‘Easy Twist Ponytail.’ It’s eye-catching and effortless, not to mention one less thing you have to worry about Christmas morning. If a twisted pony isn’t your cup of eggnog, try a relaxed side plait for a natural ‘picnic perfect’ look. Yet another quick and casual do that will keep you fine and on time!

waves bun

  • Beachside Picnic

If you’re spending Christmas by the seaside this year, why not make a ‘wave’ with your hairstyle? Get beach babe hair with a bit of Christmas flair using the CloudNine Hair Wand. If you’re more of an ‘up’ rather than ‘down’ kinda gal, try a messy top knot bun for some summertime fun in the sun, sure to keep you Christmas ‘cool’ this year.

bun photo

  • Traditional Family Lunch

Want to keep it traditional and classy at family lunch this year? For a neat and sweet look, try a Cinnabun Updo. To add a little extra Christmas cheer, wrap a festive ribbon or piece of tinsel around the bun. This elegant and classic hairstyle is the perfect touch for picture perfect Chrissy snaps. Another traditional fav is the sleek and stylish low ponytail, a ‘do’ that will never be a ‘don’t!’ For super straight results that shine, use CloudNine’s flat iron, the perfect stocking filler that never disappoints.


  • Crown It All

Christmas wreaths needn’t be just for your front door. Why not try one on as a festive fascinator? In shades of natural greenery with Australian bush berries, or chintzy with tinsel straight from the tree. When it’s the silly season – all decorations are fare game.



Organika Tutorial: Mermaid Waves with the Cloud Nine Iron


Today on the Organika Hair blog we’re looking at a new way to ‘mermaid wave’ your hair using the original Cloud Nine iron. This style is simple to achieve once you master the ‘up and down’ waving motion with your Cloud Nine iron. Unlike our previous tutorials, this style isn’t created by ‘curling’ the hair – instead you develop these elegant large waves by carefully sectioning the hair before moving the irons down the length of hair, changing direction as you go.


Start strong by applying a mix of Caviar Seasilk Oil Gel (for sleekness and to seal the hair’s cuticle) and Bamboo Weightless Whipped Mousse (both of these products are available in-salon at Organika Hair). This glorious-smelling mousse is totally different to the 1980’s foamy, alcohol-based drying products you remember! It creates just the right about of ‘grip’ to your hair, readying it for this wavy mermaid style. Dry hair thoroughly using a Moroccanoil large barelled brush to smooth the cuticle – be careful not to overdry and damage the hair. Overdrying makes it have to add wave or shape to you hair.


The sleekness of the mermaid wave comes from carefully ‘sectioning’ your hair – divide your hair cleanly into four – just like a hot cross bun! Use large clips.


Start styling at the back quarter of your hair. Divide the ‘bottom’ square of the ‘hot cross bun’ into four to five horizontal sections. Take the bottom section and begin the ‘waving motion’ using your Cloud Nine iron. Moving slowly from top to bottom, drag the hair up and away from the scalp, neatly turning the iron 180 degrees  to define the ‘wave’. Turn the iron back around 180 degrees to begin the next shaped wave – continuing down the hair. As you reach the end of each piece of hair, curl the last wave under at the tips for a uniform look. Continue in all four sectioned areas, taking particular care to take diagonal sections of hair around the face to try and make the waves ‘mold’ to the natural curves of your face.


Here is how the ‘mermaid waves’ look before being deftly brushed out. This sculpted style takes considerable brushing to bring into a uniform movement – so grab your trusty paddle-brush and Alterna Caviar Hairspray, and begin slowly brushing  and shaping the waves into place with your hands, spraying as you go.


Voila! By using the Cloud Nine original iron and quality products, your hair will ‘remember’ this style for days to come – slowly softening and becoming more ‘undone’ and gorgeous. Try it out – post your pictures to the official Organika Hair Facebook page so we can see your handiwork!

How To: Amazing Waves with the Cloud Nine Wand


Beautiful waves – they’re the new ‘go to’ style for so many Organika Hair customers when it comes to finishing off their look. In many ways, waves and glamorous volume has taken over from the poker-straight, sleek look so favored throughout the early ‘noughties’. They’re not the uniform curls of the past though – those that  often look contrived, stiff and drop within an hour of wear.

Instead, these are amazing waves – freeform, custom-sized and sexy. In today’s tutorial we show you how to achieve this beautiful, feminine and easy-wearing style with a few essential tools and a little know-how.


First things first. You need to start with a great foundation – that means perfectly dry and smooth hair. Not perfected your Blow Dry style yet? No matter – click here to read our tutorial on creating the Signature Organika Hair Blow Dry. Dry hair thoroughly as directed with method, but don’t worry too much about styling body through the lengths of your hair.



You’ll need a few tools to create the unique free-form waves and curls that make up the Amazing Waves look. Number one is a Cloud Nine Hair Wand. With its unique conical shape, intense heat for maximum styling capacity and a core enriched with a mysterious ingredient that adds lustre and shine to your hair – the Cloud Nine Hair Wand is the only professional tool  that can make curls and waves look natural and vary in shape and size. You can purchase your Wand at Organika Hair salons in Carlton or Elwood, along with two products that will help nourish and protect your styled hair – namely, Bamboo Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray (essential for your hair prior to using heat tools) and after-styling shine booster Caviar Rapid Repair Spray. Cloud Nine has a fabulous Pinterest page you can visit here, chock full of inspiration for your next styling adventure with the Wand!


The Wand is necessarily very hot, and comes with a protective heat-proof glove for you to use at home. As you can see from the diagram above, you’ll need to hold the Wand and wrap hair along the Wand – holding for a few seconds. The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to customize the size of your curl along the barrel – from large and loose to tight and structured. To perfect Amazing Waves, start halfway down the length of your hair – leaving the top sleek and smooth for a natural look.


Taking small pieces of hair, repeat curling process with the Wand all over – changing the size of curl as you go. Allow hair to cool.


Now’s the fun part! Break up the curls with your hands or a brush – depending on the finish you prefer. Curls are really quite hardy – especially ones created with the intense heat the Wand provides. Feel free to brush, mould and twirl with your hands until you reach a level of volume and shape you like.


Finish with a little hairspray and you’re good to go, girl! Next time you’re in-salon, ask your Organika Hair stylist to demonstrate creating a bespoke waves look on your hair. It’s easy to master once you’ve ‘got the knack’ and creates a luscious look to set you apart from the crowd.