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How To: The Signature Organika Hair Blow Dry


A perfect blow dry is the holy grail of style for women. No matter how simple your outfit or accessories, a professionally-finished blow dry adds a level of polish and a sense of richesse to your personal style. In today’s Organika Hair blog, we share with you the secrets the Signature Organika Hair Blow Dry. Hallmarks of this blow dry are volume, gentle shaping and a whole bag of sauciness. The good news? You need only a couple of quality tools and a little practice to perfect this look at home.

Next time you’re in salon, ask your Organika Hair stylist for a little tutorial on making your own ‘at home’ blow dry the sleekest yet.





Once you’ve finished drying your hair with this ‘circular, downwards’ motion using the direction nozzle on your FeatherJet dryer, add movement to the ends of your blow dry. At the moment, gentle waves in a blow dry are a huge trend – adding soft lines around the face. Very feminine! To achieve natural waves minus the frizz, use your Moroccanoil brush to twist hair hair around in a ‘coil’ shape while continuing to blowdry hair downwards. Continue ‘twisting’ movement until the desired natural wave shape is achieved.