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Organika Take New York: Fashion Week Adventures


New York, New York. The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, the town paid homage by hundreds of songs, films and artworks. Yes. New York. As you probably know from following our Facebook feed and Instagram (@organikahair), Lisa and Sarah recently travelled to New York to attend and work their skills at prestigious New York Fashion Week. Over the course of two blogs, we share their adventures, new styles you can expect to see straight off the runway, and ‘behind the scenes’ runway photography. Have you been to New York? What did you love about it most?


When in New York….


We had some schmancy fashion moments with luminaries of the trade…. here are Lisa and Sarah with the Salon Ruggeri team. Based in New York, this A-List salon to the stars is actually an Australian export!


… and were delighted by the amount of Australian fashionistas we bumped into! Here we are catching up with Dasha and Colin from The Trendspotter.


Backstage moments featuring goddess model muses and lots of EVO!


Perfecting the ponytail.


Education was an exciting part of our New York journey. We learned new techniques for volume and height! Big BIG hair, anyone?nyfwo8

Behind the scenes buzz and Sarah in action.


Inspiring hair for the Spring Racing season – a reverse braid with plenty of drama!


A woven braid for peek-a-boo glamour.


Looks you’ll soon see in editorials globally – square flat-tops (a la Chanel), Kesha-style loose waves, neat takes on the top-knot and more.


Organika Tutorial: Mermaid Waves with the Cloud Nine Iron


Today on the Organika Hair blog we’re looking at a new way to ‘mermaid wave’ your hair using the original Cloud Nine iron. This style is simple to achieve once you master the ‘up and down’ waving motion with your Cloud Nine iron. Unlike our previous tutorials, this style isn’t created by ‘curling’ the hair – instead you develop these elegant large waves by carefully sectioning the hair before moving the irons down the length of hair, changing direction as you go.


Start strong by applying a mix of Caviar Seasilk Oil Gel (for sleekness and to seal the hair’s cuticle) and Bamboo Weightless Whipped Mousse (both of these products are available in-salon at Organika Hair). This glorious-smelling mousse is totally different to the 1980’s foamy, alcohol-based drying products you remember! It creates just the right about of ‘grip’ to your hair, readying it for this wavy mermaid style. Dry hair thoroughly using a Moroccanoil large barelled brush to smooth the cuticle – be careful not to overdry and damage the hair. Overdrying makes it have to add wave or shape to you hair.


The sleekness of the mermaid wave comes from carefully ‘sectioning’ your hair – divide your hair cleanly into four – just like a hot cross bun! Use large clips.


Start styling at the back quarter of your hair. Divide the ‘bottom’ square of the ‘hot cross bun’ into four to five horizontal sections. Take the bottom section and begin the ‘waving motion’ using your Cloud Nine iron. Moving slowly from top to bottom, drag the hair up and away from the scalp, neatly turning the iron 180 degrees  to define the ‘wave’. Turn the iron back around 180 degrees to begin the next shaped wave – continuing down the hair. As you reach the end of each piece of hair, curl the last wave under at the tips for a uniform look. Continue in all four sectioned areas, taking particular care to take diagonal sections of hair around the face to try and make the waves ‘mold’ to the natural curves of your face.


Here is how the ‘mermaid waves’ look before being deftly brushed out. This sculpted style takes considerable brushing to bring into a uniform movement – so grab your trusty paddle-brush and Alterna Caviar Hairspray, and begin slowly brushing  and shaping the waves into place with your hands, spraying as you go.


Voila! By using the Cloud Nine original iron and quality products, your hair will ‘remember’ this style for days to come – slowly softening and becoming more ‘undone’ and gorgeous. Try it out – post your pictures to the official Organika Hair Facebook page so we can see your handiwork!

Nourish Thyself


How easy it is to put ‘you’ on hold. Whether it’s because of responsibilities at work, commitments to your loved family and friends – in the blink of an eye months can pass with little self-reflection or time to feed your spirit. Before you know it – you’re tired out and fed up. Stress and neglect (emotional and physical) show up on the surface of our bodies – lacklustre skin, lank hair, in grumpy little frownlines and in sometimes-snappy responses to those we care for. Today’s Organika Hair blog is a reminder to ‘Nourish Thyself’ – inspired by our Co-Director Sarah Di Iorio who is currently doing just that – resting and replenishing her energy on a far-flung beach in warm climes. Let us inspired you to prioritise your own health and needs.

Yes. Do this. You’ll be surprised to find that what makes you happy could be quite boring to others. It might involve staying home and reading or just ‘being’. Forget the external voices. Do more of what makes you happy.


Go outside into the winter sunshine and invigorate your cells. Go away to sunnier shores for a week (or a weekend). New light, new sight, new start. Be a nudie rudie by the beach shore! Take care of your beautiful body and hair in the sunlight and saltspray. Make sure to protect your color with Alterna Bamboo Color Care UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide (find the Alterna range at your Organika Hair salon).


And if you can’t get to the sun…. dream about it and dress for it. These ‘mati’ evil eyes are a traditional Greek, Italian and Ottoman adornment – protecting and watching over you. Find your own protection amulet at Samantha Wills or The Dark Horse Jewellery.


Be with your girls. Or guys. Talk it through. Nourish thyself. Or at the very least, come in to Organika Hair where you can both talk and be pampered. Do you remember the last time you snorted with laughter catching up with mates?


Go green. By drinking a fibre-rich and nutrient packed green smoothie each morning, you’ll be alkalinizing your body. It’s a little like filling the car up with petrol, giving your engine the best chance to run smoothly all day. You’ll notice a change in your emotional health and wellbeing too. We promise.


On the beach or otherwise – style your hair in beautiful, natural, loose styles to reflect your newly found inner zen.


A simple braid can be worked into a high-volume bun. Sand and sun is optional. Hold the style true with Bamboo.beachwaves

If you’re by the ocean, this all-nature wave enhancer will fit neatly next to your towel. Or, you can add salt to your warm water to make your own sea spray.