Geek Chic – A Style Guide


Melbourne – it’s a city divided. Literally – and sometimes – stylistically. This week, Organika Hair celebrate the ‘northside’ aesthetic of ‘geek chic’. Don’t worry –  the ‘geek chic’ uniform of bandannas, thick glasses and fringes can be worn by more than just stylish hipsters – and interpreted a multitude of ways.

Styling a Modern (Retro) Bandanna

Try your hand at the classic ‘Rosie the Riveter’ look – a great option for ‘third’ (or fourth!) day hair, and a clever, cute look for brunch dates, festivals or during the long, lazy days of summer. Melbourne blogger Super Kawaii Mama has an excellent video tutorial you can watch by clicking here – offering you three easy ways to tie a large square scarf into your hair – in style. Choose a color that compliments your hair and complexion – both brunettes and blondes are set off elegantly by navy and royal blue colors. Emerald green packs a punch when contrasting with fair skin and titan-red locks. Keep makeup minimal and clean, perhaps opting for a contemporary sheer color on your lips.


50 Shades of Cutie Geek

Geek-chic isn’t all about accessories, you know. Iconic ‘geek girl’ Zooey Deschanel typifies a glamorous kind of geek – her hair an example of well-cared for lengths, squared off a long, blunt fringe. This look calls for a sense of ‘thickness’ which can be achieved with a skilled haircut from Organika Hair, and supported with products from the Alterna Bamboo range (no matter how ‘flyaway’ it is!). Striking on blondes or brunettes, short or long fringes hint at ‘graphic art’ styling – framing the face and drawing attention to the eyes. PS – Did you know that Ms Deschanel even has her own blog, full of hints for geek-gurl styling?


Hollywood Sleek Geek

New Hollywood glamour goes geek with the inimitable Rooney Mara , who shows how a blunt (short) fringe can be styled into polished, striking perfection. A superior, grown-up take on classic fringe – something both ‘golden age of glamour’ whilst simultaneously of the moment. This level of polish and ultra-sharp shape is achieved with a hairdresser, immediately before a red-carpet event. Book at Organika Hair to get Rooney’s look immediately prior to formals, weddings and any real-life red carpet moment.


Gaga Geek

Bow down at the temple of the ultimate geek-girl look : the hair bow. This dramatic updo looks a lot more complicated than it truly is. Save this ‘kawaii’ style for uni, nights out, a visit to the playground, and particularly for Lady Gaga concerts! A complete tutorial on the hair bow can be found at the shrine of geek-girl bloggery – A Beautiful Mess.


Organika Hair’s Essential Pony Up-Do

You asked for more style tutorials – and your wish is our command! This week learn how to style The Essential Updo with Organika Hair Director Lisa Pace. Any of you who may know Lisa will be aware of how fabulous her casual-yet-chic updo styles are. Ready – get set – go – try your hand at this simple, stylish updo.
1. Place your hair in a simple ponytail as high as you possibly can on your head. Smooth sides with brush for a sleek finish.
2: Create texture in your ponytail – either smoothing it or backcombing for volume
3. Braid or plait your hair loosely – here Lisa has finished with a fishtail braid. Run your fingers up and down the braid to create messy texture.
4. Wrap your messy braid or plait around your ponytail, creating any shape you like! Use bobby pins to secure – then make your way out to enjoy compliments from all those you pass by!
Just like magic – a fab updo in only a few simple steps.

How To: Amazing Waves with the Cloud Nine Wand


Beautiful waves – they’re the new ‘go to’ style for so many Organika Hair customers when it comes to finishing off their look. In many ways, waves and glamorous volume has taken over from the poker-straight, sleek look so favored throughout the early ‘noughties’. They’re not the uniform curls of the past though – those that  often look contrived, stiff and drop within an hour of wear.

Instead, these are amazing waves – freeform, custom-sized and sexy. In today’s tutorial we show you how to achieve this beautiful, feminine and easy-wearing style with a few essential tools and a little know-how.


First things first. You need to start with a great foundation – that means perfectly dry and smooth hair. Not perfected your Blow Dry style yet? No matter – click here to read our tutorial on creating the Signature Organika Hair Blow Dry. Dry hair thoroughly as directed with method, but don’t worry too much about styling body through the lengths of your hair.



You’ll need a few tools to create the unique free-form waves and curls that make up the Amazing Waves look. Number one is a Cloud Nine Hair Wand. With its unique conical shape, intense heat for maximum styling capacity and a core enriched with a mysterious ingredient that adds lustre and shine to your hair – the Cloud Nine Hair Wand is the only professional tool  that can make curls and waves look natural and vary in shape and size. You can purchase your Wand at Organika Hair salons in Carlton or Elwood, along with two products that will help nourish and protect your styled hair – namely, Bamboo Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray (essential for your hair prior to using heat tools) and after-styling shine booster Caviar Rapid Repair Spray. Cloud Nine has a fabulous Pinterest page you can visit here, chock full of inspiration for your next styling adventure with the Wand!


The Wand is necessarily very hot, and comes with a protective heat-proof glove for you to use at home. As you can see from the diagram above, you’ll need to hold the Wand and wrap hair along the Wand – holding for a few seconds. The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to customize the size of your curl along the barrel – from large and loose to tight and structured. To perfect Amazing Waves, start halfway down the length of your hair – leaving the top sleek and smooth for a natural look.


Taking small pieces of hair, repeat curling process with the Wand all over – changing the size of curl as you go. Allow hair to cool.


Now’s the fun part! Break up the curls with your hands or a brush – depending on the finish you prefer. Curls are really quite hardy – especially ones created with the intense heat the Wand provides. Feel free to brush, mould and twirl with your hands until you reach a level of volume and shape you like.


Finish with a little hairspray and you’re good to go, girl! Next time you’re in-salon, ask your Organika Hair stylist to demonstrate creating a bespoke waves look on your hair. It’s easy to master once you’ve ‘got the knack’ and creates a luscious look to set you apart from the crowd.

How To: The Signature Organika Hair Blow Dry


A perfect blow dry is the holy grail of style for women. No matter how simple your outfit or accessories, a professionally-finished blow dry adds a level of polish and a sense of richesse to your personal style. In today’s Organika Hair blog, we share with you the secrets the Signature Organika Hair Blow Dry. Hallmarks of this blow dry are volume, gentle shaping and a whole bag of sauciness. The good news? You need only a couple of quality tools and a little practice to perfect this look at home.

Next time you’re in salon, ask your Organika Hair stylist for a little tutorial on making your own ‘at home’ blow dry the sleekest yet.





Once you’ve finished drying your hair with this ‘circular, downwards’ motion using the direction nozzle on your FeatherJet dryer, add movement to the ends of your blow dry. At the moment, gentle waves in a blow dry are a huge trend – adding soft lines around the face. Very feminine! To achieve natural waves minus the frizz, use your Moroccanoil brush to twist hair hair around in a ‘coil’ shape while continuing to blowdry hair downwards. Continue ‘twisting’ movement until the desired natural wave shape is achieved.



Organika Hair: Essential MBFWA Runway Hair


Amongst the clatter of high heels down the runway and back-stage mayhem that enveloped the shows of Sydney’s prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2013, team Organika Hair were inspired by high fashion styling we’re looking forward to recreating  during Autumn and Winter.


Day three of MBFWA saw designer Lisa Ho send models onto the runway with strong crimson power pouts that contrasted beautifully with a curious slicked-back hairstyle (above). The simple futuristic look was captured in soft, long flowing lines, accompanied by hair that took the sleek ponytail to a different universe with strong parting and vibrant colours thrown into the mix. This look shows us that simplicity can be doubly impactful.


Lisa Ho – hair was both minimal and boisterously shot with color.


Stepping boldly onto the runway were the fabulously-dressed models from Romance Was Born. This much-anticipated show certainly did not disappoint, with looks that were typically idiosyncratic – bold, brave, colourful and high-impact. The show’s kabuki-esque makeup and hair schema featured vibrant wigs that captured the playful 60’s feel of the psychedelic collection. There was also a little ‘messy bed hair’ that emphasized the texture and radical prints throughout the collection. Makeup similarly made no apologies, with decorative bobbles, circles of color on cheeks and giant cartooney eyes confirming that ‘more is more’ this season.

organikam6 organikam5



Leaving behind the conventional idea of the natural beach babe, the beauty styling notes from We Are Handsome brought a beachy feel with opulent flair. Heavy blue eye shadow and brighter than bright coral lips were seen on the scantily-dressed models, with big hair harking back to the trending 80’s vibe, made full with heavily curled, perky extensions. Super retro and super achievable for those without personal stylists!



In contrast to many of the bold, out-there looks featured at this years’ MBFWA were the subtle and classic stylings of Toni Maticevski. The simple elegance of a mid-height bun fashioned into a box complimented the classic structure of this operatic collection. The lady-like look certainly will be hot this season!

Organika Interprets Winter Runway Hair


2013 is a year of drama, of excess and wow-factors. So far, we’ve has already seen stunning and innovative hair sent down the runways at the hottest fashion shows worldwide. There is inspiring versatility across the current aesthetic, which draws heavily on nostalgic  favourites being given a revamp. In our first Organika Hair blog, we highlight the key trends for the season from recent fashion weeks – including our very own L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.


The raw textured ponytail featured heavily throughout LMFF, inspired by iconic fashion houses such as Calvin Klein and Chloe. This sexy, confident look will elevate any outfit and is easy to achieve at home.



Winter gives a lot of love to sizable 1960’s hairstyles – from bouffant to beyond – across the international runways this season. This big, voluminous hair can be seen as a reflection of women’s empowerment during this era of change. Is a return to big hair another assertion of feminism? In any case – when it comes to the beehive, bigger is better!



Ready for a big trim? Bob hairstyles are making their mark, from high-fashion to the bloggerazzi. Highlighting the trend towards androgyny, the bob has appeared in chin length, fringed versions and shoulder sweeping forms. There’s no better time to consider the chop to create a playful, fresh and liberating new look.



The classic French roll has received an overhaul this season, with texture being the main focus. This regal style crowns any outfit with an elegant vintage vibe that was captured on runways for Valentino and Chanel.



The ‘wet look’ was huge on runways last year, and has maintained its prominence in 2013. The textured wet ponytail is a key focus, but this trend appears in a range of guises –  from slick and pulled back to side-swept and textured. This is the kind of  high-fash wet hair that’s you’re encouraged to leave the house wearing!



It appears that even models have bad hair days – and have been seen hiding their locks under hair exciting accessories on both Australian and international runways. Style up your own day-two (or day-three) hair with bright sporty headbands, brass sculptured branches worn as crowns, oversized fabric flowers, pretty pearls and even impossibly chic beekeeper inspired head wear from Alexander McQueen. The best part of this eye-catching decorative look? It requires minimal effort – simply attach and go!