Organika Tutorial: Cascade with Cloud 9 Waving Wand


In today’s Organika Hair blog we show you how to use Cloud 9’s latest hair tool – the Waving Wand. The Waving Wand shares some similarities with its sibling tool the conical-shaped Wand. The look it creates, however is quite different – the Waving Wand offering rich and deep uniform waves and curls thanks to its unique shape. Here’s Organika Hair’s ‘step-by-step’ tutorial to creating a luxurious and expensive-looking cascade waves. All tools and products used in this tutorial are available at our Carlton and Elwood salons.


Apply Bamboo 48 Hour Sustainable Volume Spray (enriched with maca root and bamboo) over your hair before blow-drying thoroughly (making sure to tip head upside down while drying to achieve maximum body and volume). This hero product gives your hair the extra ‘oompf’ it needs to last the distance.


Turn on your Cloud Nine Waving Wand and select your heat setting. Our model has thick hair, so we chose the hottest setting to ensure the deepest ‘memory’ setting to the hair. Cloud Nine Waving Wands come with styling glove to protect your fingers from the intense heat – plus additional benefits including:

  • Korean Rock Mineral-embedded barrel, creating exceptional heat transfer and fast heat styling.
  • This ‘magic mineral’ creates a glide when styling which locks in moisture for infused gloss, finish and longevity.
  • Heat guard and clip stand for safety and resting wand when not in use.
  • Intelligent sleep technology that cools tools to box temperature if they have been turned on, but unused for 30 minutes.


Section hair at back of head into six rough parts, wrapping hair around Waving Wand until heated through before pinning in place to cool. Ensure hair is all pinned in the same direction – this uniformity is key to the ‘cascade’ wave style. Once six back sections are completed, divide remaining hair roughly into equal portions and curl, pinning in place to cool completely.


Once cool, unfurl pinned curls and wonder at the gorgeousness of your hair! Now is the time to be brave and get out your paddle brush – the essential element of the smooth, cascading wave style.


As Organika Hair stylist Corey shows, hair styled with the Waving Wand can take strong brushing – the intense heat provided means a longer ‘memory’ of shape. Brush, brush,  brush! Brush your hair into the desired parting before smoothing into place with your hands.


Polish your hair with luminous shine mist – a beautifully fragranced, lightly glistening spray which nourishes the hair while making it glimmer.


Voila! Corey putting the final finishes on his Cascade Waves creation.



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