Geek Chic – A Style Guide


Melbourne – it’s a city divided. Literally – and sometimes – stylistically. This week, Organika Hair celebrate the ‘northside’ aesthetic of ‘geek chic’. Don’t worry –  the ‘geek chic’ uniform of bandannas, thick glasses and fringes can be worn by more than just stylish hipsters – and interpreted a multitude of ways.

Styling a Modern (Retro) Bandanna

Try your hand at the classic ‘Rosie the Riveter’ look – a great option for ‘third’ (or fourth!) day hair, and a clever, cute look for brunch dates, festivals or during the long, lazy days of summer. Melbourne blogger Super Kawaii Mama has an excellent video tutorial you can watch by clicking here – offering you three easy ways to tie a large square scarf into your hair – in style. Choose a color that compliments your hair and complexion – both brunettes and blondes are set off elegantly by navy and royal blue colors. Emerald green packs a punch when contrasting with fair skin and titan-red locks. Keep makeup minimal and clean, perhaps opting for a contemporary sheer color on your lips.


50 Shades of Cutie Geek

Geek-chic isn’t all about accessories, you know. Iconic ‘geek girl’ Zooey Deschanel typifies a glamorous kind of geek – her hair an example of well-cared for lengths, squared off a long, blunt fringe. This look calls for a sense of ‘thickness’ which can be achieved with a skilled haircut from Organika Hair, and supported with products from the Alterna Bamboo range (no matter how ‘flyaway’ it is!). Striking on blondes or brunettes, short or long fringes hint at ‘graphic art’ styling – framing the face and drawing attention to the eyes. PS – Did you know that Ms Deschanel even has her own blog, full of hints for geek-gurl styling?


Hollywood Sleek Geek

New Hollywood glamour goes geek with the inimitable Rooney Mara , who shows how a blunt (short) fringe can be styled into polished, striking perfection. A superior, grown-up take on classic fringe – something both ‘golden age of glamour’ whilst simultaneously of the moment. This level of polish and ultra-sharp shape is achieved with a hairdresser, immediately before a red-carpet event. Book at Organika Hair to get Rooney’s look immediately prior to formals, weddings and any real-life red carpet moment.


Gaga Geek

Bow down at the temple of the ultimate geek-girl look : the hair bow. This dramatic updo looks a lot more complicated than it truly is. Save this ‘kawaii’ style for uni, nights out, a visit to the playground, and particularly for Lady Gaga concerts! A complete tutorial on the hair bow can be found at the shrine of geek-girl bloggery – A Beautiful Mess.

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